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Aliro Builds

The Aliro framework can be installed to create the start of a CMS based site. Load the framework code into the web site host. Make sure ownerships and permissions make sense - the system needs to be able to read and write to its own files. Then point your browser to the administrator subdirectory.

Applications for Aliro

Applications provide major functionality and usually fill up a large, central portion of the browser screen with their output. The file repository that is providing these files for download is an example of an application.

Maliro and J-One-Plus

By modernising the code in the original releases and incorporating some features from the Aliro CMS framework, the Aliro project has created drop in replacements for Joomla 1.0.x and Mambo 4.6.x. The new systems can be installed from scratch, or can be extracted over the corresponding old system. There should be no need to make any other changes. Maliro and J-One-Plus do not add visible new features, but they will run with up to date hosting, including PHP 5.3.x. And both will continue to be supported for the forseeable future with bug fixes and possible feature enhancements.

Mambots/Plugins for Aliro

Traditionally known as mambots in the Mambo world, these are now more often called plugins. They provide useful code that is triggered by events within the CMS or the installed software. Typically they do not produce output, but may well affect output from other code or provide material to be used by other code.

Modules for Aliro

Modules are code that creates a box on the browser screen containing some useful information. They may have links into other parts of the site, and thus enable user actions. Menus are examples of modules.

Themes for Aliro

Themes provide a consistent look and feel to the pages of a web site. There are two kinds of theme - those for the section of the site that is only available to administrators through a separate login, and those that provide for the general user parts of the site.
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